The Lost Leaf

914 N 5th Street & Roosevelt
Downtown Phoenix, Arizona - 602-258-0014

OPEN: 5PM - 2AM Every Day
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  • Andrew Jemsek on the House Piano
    Andrew Jemsek on the House Piano

  • Cosmos

  • O Allen
    O Allen

  • Golden Rule Tattoo
    Golden Rule Tattoo

  • Muddy Moneys
    Muddy Moneys

  • Yard Sale Heart
    Yard Sale Heart

  • Veterans Day
    Veterans Day

  • Jason and the Brownstones
    Jason and the Brownstones

  • Pathos
  • Phoenix Orchestral Workshop
    Phoenix Orchestral Workshop

  • Dave Rose Trio
    Dave Rose Trio

  • Pitch and Moan
    Pitch and Moan